Wireless Communication

Eartec’s ComSTAR wireless systems are popular communication tools for craneworks & construction crews as well as avionics and defense contractors. Since workers in these fields are mostly required to wear safety equipment, headset accessories compatible with bump caps and hard hats are a prerequisite. Here is where Eartec’s XTreme full duplex wireless headset comes through, “loud n clear”.

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ComSTAR Features:

To use the XTreme simply adjust the over the head strap until the steel back band exhibits just the right amount of holding tension. Your safety cap fits right over the headset as normal. Then to operate simply install the battery or turn the headset “ON” and you are ready to communicate with the rest of your crew simultaneously and hands free!

-Continuous, full-duplex communication for up to eight team members (expandable to 16)
-Hands-free, wireless operation
-400 meter open space range
-1.9 GHz DECT6 communication standard technology
-Self tuning, no antenna required
-10-hour user replaceable battery (6-hour charge time per battery)
-0C to 40C Normal use operating temperature
-Rugged, durable construction for use in demanding environments

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