Pipe Ram

Patent Pending

The Pipe Ram fills the gap between our existing basement buddy and conventional HDD drilling, making it an even greater tool for excavation and utility contractors.

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Lines installed accurately every time.

Great for crossing under driveways, sidewalks and landscape.

Trenchless short range pipe installation system.

1″ to 4″ plastic or steel pipes.

Push and Pull Force15 Tons
Suggested Hydraulic Flow Rate6 to 20 gpm / 3,000 psi
Weight150 pounds
Drill Range20′ – Twenty feet
Drill Stem Length2′ Steel Pipe or Solid Push Rod
Dimensions25″ x 15″ x 24″
Optional Tracking SystemCall for information

3″ conduit line installed using the Pipe Ram

To get current pricing or a custom quote, contact us at sales@roddieunderground.com