The Original

R8 Pipe Bursting Machine

Existing Pipeline Rehabilitation

The R8 is a compact, simple to use, 30 ton vertical / horizontal pipe bursting unit. Due to it’s size, the R8 can be setup in confined spaces including basements, crawl spaces, man holes, and septic tanks.


Basement Buddy Directional Drill

Indoor/Outdoor New Line Installation

The Basement Buddy drill is a small HDD drill designed to replace or install new underground service lines from home/basement to curb stop.


Pit Shot Directional Drill

Outdoor Heavy Duty New Line Installation

The Pit shot is our latest directional drilling machine, designed with the utility contractor in mind. Engineered to operate solely as a pit launch machine and exhibits up to 13,000 lbs of push/pull force.



Pipe Ram Directional Drill

Outdoor Short Range Line Installation

The Pipe Ram fills the gap between our existing basement buddy and conventional HDD drilling, making it an even greater tool for excavation and utility contractors.