Basement Buddy®

Horizontal Directional Drill

Patent Pending

The Basement Buddy® drill is a small HDD drill designed to replace or install new underground service lines from home/basement to curb stop. Weighing less than 200 pounds, the Basement Buddy® allows for two man transportation into a basement or an outside excavated pit.

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Lines installed accurately every time.

Installation applications include water lines, gas lines, electrical conduit, irrigation pipes. Capable of installing up to 2″ pipe.

The Drill Skid allows the Basement Buddy® to be easily used in a excavated pit. The skid keeps the machine stable in soft soil conditions, making pit launch jobs much easier and safer.

Working as an HDD drill – navigating up, down, left, and right – the Basement Buddy® ensures that the new service line will be installed accurately every time.

Push and Pull Force6,000 lbs.
Rotational Torque330 ft. lbs.
Rotational Speed100 to 150 RPM
Suggested Hydraulic Flow Rate15 gpm
Weight195 lbs.
Drill Range200 ft.
Guidance SystemsUnderground Magnetics
Compatible Guidance Options
(custom housing)
Subsite, Radio Detection, D.C.I.
Drill Stem Length2 ft.

Standard Basement Buddy® Package

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