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The R8 Busting System slides apart into two components (70 lbs & 58 lbs) for easy set-up and can be used vertically or horizontally. All units come with your company name / logo engraved on the red drop guard.

  • OPERATORS CHOICE: Wireless or Manual Hydra Controller

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The R8 is a compact 30 ton pipe bursting system that can replace pipes from 1″ – 8″ in diameter.

Due to its size and weight, the R8 can be setup in confined spaces such as basements, crawl spaces, man holes, septic tanks, and even under decks when set horizontally. It is capable of producing 30 tons of pulling force at 3,000 psi. The R8 can be hydraulically powered from a tractor or power unit. When dealing with soft soils, the 24″ x 24″ aluminum resistance plate can aid in distributing the load across the face of the chassis.

Cylinder Weight70 lbs.
Pulley Base Weight58 lbs.
Pressure Rating3,000 psi
Flow Rate6 to 22 gpm
Pulling Force30 tons
Compatible Cable Sizes9/16″

Unlike traditional methods, pipe bursting requires no open trenching.

Pipe bursting is a method of replacing damaged or broken underground pipe; be it water, sanitary sewer, gas, or storm drain. This saves considerable time and expense, and spares the reconstruction of landscaping, side walks, and driveways. Even though pipe bursting is a recent development, it is a fast growing standard in pipe replacement, and our patented low pressure bursting machine is unique to the industry regarding weight and simplicity.

Standard R8 Package

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